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The ball was thrown in from the field; it looked as if it would be a close play. Rhodes' wicket led to another change of tempo, with a sedate 16 from the next three and a half overs. It's devastating. The next day, when it came to pass, he giddily shouted "I told you! The seam on a new ball is prominent, and helps the bowler propel it in a less predictable manner. A very interesting series ahead. Boult was underneath it holding the initial chance before flicking it off to Guptill as he crossed the ropes. There was nothing like the delirium of the victory in the Super Six at Headingley, when the coach, Geoff Marsh, rode his chair like a jockey in celebration and some of the players drank till dawn. Within seconds, whether because of verbal confirmation or just through body language, everybody realised they were in the World Cup final. Why did I have to bat with Al [Donald]? Bevan was peerless at chasing targets; he was pretty good at working them out as well. He told Waugh and the coach Geoff Marsh that the players were unhappy with curfews and a drinking ban, both of which Waugh relaxed as a result. Australia were fighting for their lives.

But Labuschagne, in his sixth Test, instantly got up and, after some treatment, carefully weathered the storm with well-judged leaves and handsome drives. I made the movie. After Cameron Bancroft was lbw to Leach in the first over after tea, Travis Head joined Labuschagne for a fourth-wicket stand of 85 during which Head was crucially dropped by Jason Roy at second slip off Stokes with 20 overs remaining.

This is not to criticise two fine commentators - quite the contrary.

The cricket match

We're in for a crackerjack series. He says it took him "at least" four months to get it out of his system.

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History could have gone either way. The first yorker, said Fleming, was "perfect, exactly where I wanted it go", yet Klusener battered it through the covers with chilling force. Chris Barrett: "Umps wandering back out onto the ground for a final look. There was a brutal certainty to his strokeplay, and by the end he was even slog-sweeping fast bowlers. The next day, when it came to pass, he giddily shouted "I told you! In football, those who analyse penalty shoot-outs have found that players who do not rush their kick, who take an extra second or two to compose themselves and take control of the situation, are much more likely to score. There are 42 Laws always written with a capital "L". Players will therefore attempt to modify the ball's behaviour by modifying its physical properties. Kallis, who played despite a stomach strain and had already bowled ten overs for 27, regrouped with Jonty Rhodes , just as Waugh and Bevan had done earlier in the day. Australia won both games but that was only partial consolation to Warne. Donald eventually turned to run without seeing Klusener hurtling towards him, presumably interpreting from the urgency of Mark Waugh's movements that his partner was attempting a run. Show more. Donald saw Klusener move but then, spooked by his escape the previous ball, turned around to back up.

Waugh figured he would lose his job, and never play one-day cricket again, if Australia failed to make at least the semi-finals. During the break, the sun came out and things changed.

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None would experience anything to compare with a match that was career-defining for many of the losers, never mind the winners. Warne was a man who barely acknowledged the concept of defeat, never mind that it might happen to an Australian team of which he was part.

Media playback is not supported on this device Stokes century helps England take lead past Stokes sets up victory push Atleading byit was England who were most vulnerable at the beginning of the day.

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Ashes Australia repel England to draw second Test at Lord's