The influence of outrage factors to the understanding of risks

Note 23 The higher the societal risk aversion and perceived outrage lower perceived appropriateness of the agency responsethe higher was the perceived risk.

Ch 6: Environmental Health. Finally, real community hazard situations develop over days, months, or even years; the simulations compress these histories into written materials that take only a few minutes to read. Considering an environmental risk serious, important, and worrisome is apparently tied to values such as corporate environmental accountability.

Krimsky, and A. Neither outrage nor technical detail made a significant unique contribution to the variance in perceived risk, although their respective manipulation checks, perceived appropriateness and perceived detail, did.

Helping the Right Evaluate Risk Brackets can provide their audiences with information that will note them evaluate the risk information they see or diagram.

Strong relationships emerged between the experimental outrage manipulation and perceived seriousness. References 1.

safety risk acceptance

It seems likely that the effects of outrage on risk perception were suppressed by the hypothetical nature of the study, while the effects of seriousness and technical detail were more likely augmented — that is, we would expect subjects to be more attentive to data and less liable to outrage in these studies than they would be in a real situation.

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The Influence Of Outrage Factors To The Understanding Of Risks