The proper steps in replacing a broken blade in fencing

Is it for fitnesscompetition, or for historical appeal?

fencing body cord repair

The only tricky part is getting the spring and clip back in. The basics, though, are going to be the same no matter who is giving you advice. To clean out the groove, you want to clamp the blade flat. If you want to have fun and blade Monty Python jokes, you want a broken laid back club.

This type of problem is less common in higher quality body wires and sockets. Starting with a clean, prepared blade and using instant-curing CA glue, an experienced armorer can have a weapon wired and built in under 15 minutes.

Fencing body cord tester

Straighten the wire-end, and then slide the plastic insulation tubing on over it. However, if you are doing it yourself, there are a couple of ways to figure out where the problem lies. The insulation tubing needs to run all the way to the terminal. Test for the weight and both shims. A simple method for doing this is to put one dot on the A line, two dots on the B line. If the green light flickers, or is not on, this suggests a break or loose connection. The difference between these schools may be relatively slight, focused on the specifics of different weapons, but it is worth having a basic knowledge before you The.

You can then shorten the effective length of the chain by placing the hook through another link further down. If that notch is too small, enlarge it with a round file. This might result in some inconsistencies when wiggling the cord. The stripping and cleaning is one of the most important steps in a successful wiring job: a thoroughly clean groove is essential to ensuring that the glue will hold, far more so than the type of glue used.

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Fencing equipment repair: an idiot’s guide to fixing body cords