The role of gender in the mass hysteria during the salem witch trials in 1692

Salem Witch Trials: Impact Of The Native American Wars Getty ImagesProtected by a smoke screen caused by burning dry grasses, this wagon proceeded towards a garrison house and in ramming it, the Native Americans tried to ignite the wooden forts.

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This connection between religion and how it has affected women, and often time tried to control their behavior is not unique to the Salem Witch Trials, in the 19th century religion was still used as a way to prevent women from public speaking and from trying to get the vote.

Many of the other villagers were either members at neighboring congregations or they were not members of the church at all. Within the span of a year, 20 people had been executed and hundreds arrested after being accused of witchcraft.

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The influence and energy of the evil spirit so great at that time acting in and upon those who were the principal accusers and witnesses proceeding so far as to cause a prosecution to be had of persons of known and good reputation which caused a great dissatisfaction and a stop to be put thereunto until their majesties pleasure should be known therein; and upon a representation thereof accordingly made, her late Majesty, Queen Mary, the Second of Blessed Memory, by her Royal letter given at her court at Whitehall the fifteenth of April, , was graciously pleased to approve the care and circumspection therein; and to will and require that in all proceedings against persons accused for witchcraft, or being possessed by the Devil, the greatest moderation and all due circumspection be used so far as the same may be without impediment to the ordinary course of justice. Because it is a broader source it will mean picking apart more than some of the other sources but it still provides much insight into the time period. On December 17, , Governor Stoughton issued a proclamation in hopes of making amends with God. It was a complicated time and many causes can be contributed to why they happened, it seems that it was a cocktail of many different events; anxieties over violence with the Indians, religious changes within the community, gossip and conflicted between families, and even children going over their heads and deflecting blame. These longstanding rivalries all led to accusations of witchcraft. Why were women the majority of those who were targeted? The combination of a feminine soul and a weak female body made their situation worse, and puritans believed they were too susceptible to the devil. Since the witch trials ended, the colony also began to suffer many misfortunes such as droughts, crop failures, smallpox outbreaks and Native-American attacks and many began to wonder if God was punishing them for their mistake.

At the announcement ceremony, playwright Arthur Miller made a speech and read from the last act of his play, The Crucible, which was inspired by the Salem Witch Trials. Like other young ministers of his day, Parris was a sacramentalist.

The heightened stress of that time is what lead to this mass hysteria taking over. Are these essay examples edited? They thought that the primary way that he did this was by entering the souls of young girls and controlling their minds and bodies allowing them to do evil deeds.

Lake was a local in Dorchester Massachusetts and it had been known that she engaged in sexual activities which she then became pregnant.

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House of John Proctor: Witchcraft Martyr, Wilkins recalled that Willard had looked at him strangely and decided he had caused the ailment. This intense fear led them to speculate the different ways the devil could insert himself into their communities.

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Thus in their use of female imagery to define humility, Puritan ministers did more than encourage wives to be submissive to their husbands; they all gave their listeners and readers a clear picture of their humble attitudes essential to all forms of Christian activity. It has been suggested that post-traumatic stress from witnessing these terrifying attacks and the culture of fear generated by the continued threat may have played a large role in the hysteria. A number of new theories have suggested that the Native American Wars which raged during the 17th century close to Salem may have contributed to the witch hysteria that took hold in Karlsen similarly delves into why women were often the focus when it came to witchcraft accusations. A human frailty or eccentricity might be trotted out as evidence. This coupled with interactions with Native Americans and folklore from other cultures, like Tituba whom was speculated to be from the Caribbean, meant that there was a blending of folklore centering around witchcraft. The Salem witch trials occupy a unique place in our collective history. In the article he presented the religious and political tensions within the community which spurred on much of the conflict but in his book he does not just focus on religion as a factor. They could afford to do so because they were not burdened to such a degree with worldly or spiritual fears and insecurities. Upon the humble petition and suit of several of said persons and of the children of others of them whose parents were executed. Although Quakers are usually seen as being a peaceful, pacifist, religious groups they did pose a threat to the Puritan communities.

Alice Lake was a great example of these anxieties playing a role in her identity.

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Women Weren’t the Only Victims of the Salem Witch Trials