The social problems and ethical dilemmas created by computers

Although there is no requirement to notify employees of such monitoring, more enlightened organizations have policies in place to inform employees of monitoring practices. This is visible in the fact that because of increased technology advancements, computers have taken over jobs that once belonged to people.

We have also discovered that we are vulnerable to their malfunction and misuse, creating problems such as computer crime, software theft, hacking, viruses, invasions of privacy, an over- reliance on intelligent machines and workplace stress, each of which has created one or more ethical dilemmas for the computer profession.

In this way, such crimes as identity theft can occur. Since the students are not causing any harm to the system, is such an action morally reprehensible or acceptable? However, as information technology becomes increasingly influential, the ethical and legal considerations become similarly relevant.

Blocking software attempts to prevent children from accessing objectionable sites. How should health hazards in the workplace be handled?

ethical issues in computing case studies

Security Liability In the past, security issues were resolved by locking a door. Doctors, teachers, government officials and business people all have legal and ethical oversight to control how their professions function.

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Social and Ethical Issues in Computing