The tale of two schools

I saw a part of me in each teacher and I wanted to express my appreciation.

The tale of two schools

At Bearden, the changes have just begun, and it's clear that money alone is not the answer. That last story, which belongs to Johnny Rivera, was told to the group by Adam Ettelbrick.

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He's committed to the point of obsession, working late every night to recruit new teachers, to raise more money, and to keep his staff motivated. And at Harper High School, there are moments of personal transformation, but on balance its students are forced to survive in a Sisyphean environment filled with fear and uncertainty.

We get much more out of realizing our similarities.

A tale of two schools documentary summary

Thank you for reminding me thatI shouldn't take my love for reading for granted. I can hardly wait to share this impressive video with my colleagues. Sometimes I get stressed just seeing my mother working so hard to get me what I want and need. His marriage has dissolved, his hair has turned gray, and, at 48, he already has an ulcer. This observation should inform everything from how schools are evaluated to how teachers are prepared. Companion website on PBS. At Walton, a committed principal, dedicated teachers and a unified teaching approach have begun to deliver dramatic results. But the stories about Mission Hill and Harper High reveal a different picture: of adults who are highly skilled, highly committed, and highly valuable to the communities they serve. My friends may not be the wealthiest, but everyone has a great story and wisdom to share, to help you forget about all the things you want and cherish all the things you actually have.

To be sure, there are teachers out there whose unions have protected them from sanction, and whose ability to impact the lives of their students has long since passed. But Bearden is behind in training its teachers in the reading curriculum and late in buying desperately needed books.

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He vows not to rest until the children start doing better.

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Film: "A TALE OF TWO SCHOOLS: Race and Education on Long Island"