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This essay illustrates the skills infants have that will eventually help them to acquire language.

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The paper also analyzes various theoretical issues and hypothesis that contributes to change of speech and how human beings corporate the changes in their daily development as far as language is concerned. However, the rudiments of language can be inferred through studying linguistic development in children and the cognitive and communicative abilities of primates as discussed by Bridgeman Language development is a major accomplishment and is one of the most rewarding experiences for anyone to share with a child. These feature detectors for phonemes that are not used during language development will atrophy and the native phoneme feature detectors are retained Eimas, It can also ask as well as answer general queries. These are reading, writing, speaking, listening, viewing, and visually representing. Development of morphemic understanding is dependent upon the skill to identify sound differences related with inflectional morphemes such as; tense indicators, plurals, and possessiveness. The following paragraphs will explore these concepts of language development in children Otto, All children begin a journey from an early age in learning and developing these skills. When we communicate we start to understand and share meanings, these functions develop and express particular cultural and social customs. The definition of language delay is; if he or she is not meeting the language developmental milestones for his or her age. Also, in this stage language development is expressed through the waving of arms and kicking of legs. This stage is significant in development of morphemic understanding in regard that noun verb compatibility in English impact on the use of inflectional morphemes Otto,

A mixed methods approach to the evaluation was used to obtain data through questionnaire feedback from participants and interview data from programme trainers. Fourthly, the concept of morphemic language development in infants is influenced by phonemic ability.

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These four elements consist of the phonological, syntactic, semantic and pragmatic components. Also, it has been discovered that playing peek-a-boo to the infant enhance language development CNS et al. Also, in this stage language development is expressed through the waving of arms and kicking of legs.

Conventionally, infants who are engaged in story book experiences with parent or caregiver get exposed to more complex syntactic arrangement relative those involved in routine conversational environment. The following phases depicts a typical sequences through which the skills develops, although their are diversities in the pattern of growth from child to child Corporation for National Services [CNS], U.

Before language development, parents had to guess or find ways of knowing what their child wanted or needed.

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Thesis Topics Related to Language Learning and Acquisition