Write a scary short story worksheet

Character description Tell students that much of a scary story's suspense is conveyed through the characters' thoughts, words, actions, and reactions to events and other characters. Walk around the room and monitor students' progress as they brainstorm ideas for a story plot, choose a villain, and write a surprise ending.

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The protagonist is forced to act in order to survive or save others. The core emotion of a story is what a reader wants to feel—the reason they choose a particular type of story.

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Want to slice moments of heightened danger, plot twists, and reversals into your writing? In other genres, the hero accepts the quest at the beginning of the middle build. Distribute the Character Descriptions Organizerand help the class identify the characteristics of the main character and villain on an overhead transparency.

The limits of its power are unknown. But sometimes a Horror story is a cautionary tale. Allow your raw ideas and bold thinking to take your writing where other writers are afraid to go. Instinctive fears Fears that have some sort of logical or biological foundation are often the most potent in horror.

What will she do? This especially true in subgenres like cosmic horrorwhich have to do with the great mysteries of the universe, often involving ancient history.

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