Writing a short film without dialogue box

The actions and settings of a scene can do a lot of the basic storytelling for you and leave your dialogue free to go deeper into your characters and their relationships.

Fade to black. The advantage of starting with a recognizable type, especially for secondary characters, is your setup work is done in no time. Charlie opens his blood-shot eyes — looks at the alarm clock — am.

Will he be forever lonely? The Bad Boy. The Mystic. Picks up his phone and dials a number. Tears pour from their eyes. A considerable amount of your film will be judged on how you choose to end your story — on what tone, image, bit of dialogue, and, most importantly, how you wrap up the very specific story you set out to tell.

She strides out of the restaurant. BETH, wearing geeky glasses and colourful clothes, carrying a large handbag, enters the club and approaches to the bar.

animated short films without dialogue

The Kindly Boss. The Domineering Mother.

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Writing Screenplays Without Dialogue