Writing time in spanish

To indicate that it's a quarter past the hour, use the phrase y cuarto. To indicate that the time is exactly on the hour, include en punto "on the dot" : Es la una en punto.

Note: Don't confuse cuatro four with cuarto quarter. For times greater than a half hour you can either add the appropriate number of minutes or skip ahead to the next hour and subtract: Es la una y cuarenta.

expressions of time in spanish

To express half hours you can use either treinta or media half : Es la una y treinta. Son las tres de la tarde. Son las diez y media. For more information: Many digital clocks and printed schedules in Spanish speaking countries use a hour time format for simplicity: English:.

To indicate that it's a quarter 'til the hour, use the phrase menos cuarto. Son las cuatro y media. Son diez para las siete. It's It is nine twenty-nine.

all time in spanish

Son las tres y cuarto. Note that both the present tense third-person singular es and plural son of ser are commonly used with this phrase.

1:30 pm in spanish

It's ten 'til one. In Latin America you can also use the phrases cuarto para or un cuarto para to say a quarter 'til. Son las cinco menos cuarto. Son las siete en punto. To indicate that it's half past the hour in Spanish, use the phrase y media. For example: Es un cuarto para las cinco. It's in the afternoon. Es la una y cuarto.
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Telling Time in Spanish